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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ah, Nature, You Cruel Bitch

Ok, so not only was nature a cruel bitch to put me in the wrong body to begin with, I'm going to relate to you an event in my past that just caused me even more frustration.

Sometime during my high school years, after my appendicitis, I noticed this intense change of temperature in the area of my right breast. It was very cold, and I just could not warm it up. It was very annoying and frustrating. Well, a few months go by, and I started developing a lump under my right nipple. So, my mother and I go to see the doctor.

"Well, sometimes young boys when they're going through puberty will somtimes develop a breast, or both breasts somewhat. It's completely normal, although many times awkward for them. Usually, if you see a puberty-age boy wearing a T-Shirt into the pool, that's why... Odd though, that you're getting it so late."

So, I'm totally psyched. I'M GROWING A BREAST. Maybe my other one will develop, too. God, what a wonderful world this is, where a boy who wants to be a girl can actually grow a real breast!

So, after a few days of joy, and being able to put on a swimsuit top and pretend that I actually had a real true breast, the thing turns a nasty icky color, and while visiting some friends, they freak out, and cause me to freak out, and I end up calling my mom, freaking out, so she schedules us to see the doctor.

When we get in, he was just like "oops, my bad, I guess that's not what it was. Rather in fact, you just have an infected sweat gland, very similar to a pimple. Just way bigger, and oddly positioned near your nipple." He then lanced it, and drained it, and pulled out the lining of the gland, which was essentially infected, and sick, so rather than risk a repeat infection, he just pulled it all out.

So, damn it! Stupid Nature, how could you be so mean? First you put me in the wrong body, then you make me have a medical situation that raises my hopes and makes me think that I'm actually going to get a freaking breast?! What kind of cruel bitch are you. I mean, there's cruel, and then there is just down-right CRUEL. I suppose that's easily one of the big indicators that should have tipped me off sooner. I mean, I was actually happy to be growing a breast. That's not a normal guy reaction. It was like having a medical doctor tell you that your life is going to be all right, and everything is going to turn out the way it should, and then POW! Nope, it's something else, and it sucks to be you.


  • At 11:08 PM, Blogger truefluke said…

    Yikes! Sorry to read about that! Hope you have a quick recovery!

  • At 6:34 AM, Blogger Kristen said…

    Mother Nature + high school = The Suck for just about everyone. It's hard not to take it personally.


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