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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Crazy Day

So, yesterday was crazy. I did a ton of things. First, I got my hair dyed at this wonderful little shop in Capitol Hill called "Scream", they're great there, and totally accepting, which was great. It did a lot for my mood after the day previous. In fact, if the day before was constantly dealing with jerks, then today was full of dealing with very accepting people.

I make no comment about the day previous's interactions being entirely with boys, and yesterday's being entirely with girls. You should be drawing your own conclusions.

So, right when they start putting the bleach in my hair in prep for the Atomic Pink dye, Liz calls me about getting our ears pierced. So, I say that I'm a bit busy, so I'll call her back once I'm done. Then while my hair is under heat, my mom calls me to see how I'm doing, and she's like "where are you?" and I say I'm at the Salon getting my hair done, and so she says she'll call me back later.

So, after my hair gets done, and it looks AWESOME, I call up Liz, and I head out to her place so we can go get her ear's pierced, and her Boy is there, too, and he's going to accompany us on our adventures, which is great that he's so willing to come along. So, first we go to this shady kind of tatoo parlor, because Liz read online that there were two rules to getting your ears pierced:

1. Don't get your ears pierced with a gun
2. Don't get your ears pierced at Claire's

So, we get to this tatoo parlor, and the only things that they're willing to do, are either barbells or rings. And it's just like... no studs? "Nope" What if we brought studs? "Absolutely not." And it's like, well I'm sure that's fine for most of your customers, but that's just not acceptable to me. So, we decide to head of to the Mall and go to a Claire's and get our ears pierced with a gun. I'm aware that the vast majority of women have their ears pierced, and a very large number of them get them pierced at Claire's, and there isn't some vastly pervasive ear-piercing infection epidemic, so honestly, I think people are overreacting. Our bodies can tolerate a lot of things, and not everything has to be perfect.

So, we decide to stop by this wig shop that Liz knew about before we got our ears pierced, so that I could buy a functional wig. So, I can try out long hair, and wear a nice set of hair that it's crazy wild Atomic Pink sometimes. But I like the Atomic Pink hair, it works really well.

Then, we went to the Mall, and we found a Claire's, except it was a kind of more age-appropriate Claire's, because Claire's usually targets little girls, but this store, which is run by Claire's, targets teenagers and young 20's girls. They're also inexpensive though, which was nice, because I needed some necklaces, and bracelets, but I still need to get some hair accessories.

While we're there the girls, who work there were great. They were really nice, and friendly, and they complimented my shoes. They are nice shoes. (They're a wedge sandal from the Gap, which is brown. They're totally me.)

So, having accomplished just about everything that I wanted to do for this whole weekend, we set off to get dinner. We went to this great little Italian shop, which Liz knew about, and they serve these huge portions. It was very, very good food, and I don't think I could thank Liz enough for how awesome it was. And the wait staff was awesome, they were complimenting my hair and everything.

So, over all, I got some stares, and looks from some people, which I'm not used to, but then it's hard to not stand out, when you're a woman that looks like a man... especially when you have Atomic Pink hair. And for instance, while we were at the Claire's in the Mall, there was this group of people that walked past, then this little kid ran back to get a better look at my face, then ran back to the group; I think he was laughing. Either way, it's definitely true that you wouldn't be able to tell that I'm not a girl except for my face. Especially now. My hair and body are fine. :)

So, yesterday was a much needed mood boost, because I was just way too upset from the day previous and the jerks that I had to deal with.


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