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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wow, big updates

Well, I have a lot to cover in this post, because I haven't posted anything since Saturday. So, here we go <ramble>

So, on Sunday, I went out shopping, and ended up spending about $350 at the gap. Jeans are expensive. But I had a coupon for 15% off, which brought it down to well under $300, so that's good. After I bought that stuff, I also bought $100 worth of tank tops at Macy's. But when I got back home, I realized that my rent check hadn't cleared yet, and that I was spending rent money. I was very worried, but luckily, I've been saving some money just in case, so I'm not screwed, I just spent too much money, and have to start over with the saving. *sigh*

I tried on a lot of pairs of pants, mostly to find my ideal size. I tried on a 2 regular, a 2 long, a 1 regular, and a 0 regular. I ended up getting the 2 long, even though I could fit into the 1 and 0 (very tightly) the problem with those sizes was that there was insufficient room for that annoying part of my anatomy that I'd wish weren't there anymore. I also bought two other pairs of jeans also, both are 2 regulars, so that I have a few different styles. All of them like to slip off my low waist, since I have no hips. God, I can't wait for hormones.

I also went out to see my friend W. who lives in Seattle, and I went en femme, which he needed some time to get used to. I met his girlfriend J, who's really nice, and cool. And since she's never seen me as a guy, wasn't weirded out in the least. I also said hi to a bartendress that I had met while I was a guy, and she totally didn't recognize me, but once I showed her my ID, which was me as a guy, with beard, she was all "OMG, I totally remember you!" *laugh* So, while I may not look entirely feminine, at least I'm not entirely recognizable as who I was. W. also later rated me as a 3 on the scale of 0 (totally male) to 10 (totally female). So, I'm not doing *bad*, just could be doing better. Like, with hormones.

Walking around en femme is kind of weird though, because a lot of people don't really treat me different, but there's this nagging feeling of... do they not read me as male, or are they just being polite, and not saying anything? It's kind of nerve wracking.

Um, my copy of True Selves came in the mail awhile ago, but I'm still waiting on reading it. I also got a book by Sandy Hirsch, who's a voice coach in the Seattle area, which arrived yesterday, and since I forgot to pick it up in the morning, I should leave work early to be able to pick it up from the manager. Then I can start working on my voice. It's surprising how much a difference your voice can make in presenting as female. If you sound like a female, people are much more likely to take you as female.

Oh, and on Sunday, when I got to JC Penny, I was standing in line, and a woman spotted me in a mirror, and turned around and complimented me on my hair. The moment I opened my mouth, and responded though, she seemed just a little taken aback and shocked. I have little doubt that she had originally read me as female. See why voice training is so important? Also, as I was standing at the counter being serviced, a guy was rushing passed, and did a wolf whistle. There was only one remotely attractive girl within his view at the time, so I got all fluttery and stuff, because it's the first time I've been whistled at. (But not the first time I've been checked out. That owes itself to a Halloween long passed.)

Ok, yesterday was something big also, but it deserves a seperate post, that's how important it is.


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