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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ich heiße Cassondra

So, I'm scheduled to change my name legally in two days. If I could have gotten up early enough to petition it before 10:30, then maybe could have done it today, but *sigh* you know how it is to get up in the morning and get somewhere before 10:30... you don't? Hm... well, maybe I could go to bed a bit earlier, so that I could get up earlier.

I haven't talked to Liz in awhile, I read her blog, and things are going for her. She has some good things going on, and some sucky things that are going on. I wish she'd talk to me, and let me be a true friend for her. :)

I went by the makeup counter yesterday (Mac, where else? Oh, Sally's Beauty Supply too, but Mac's makeup is still top quality) so, I walk up to the counter, and a girl there comes up to me, and she looks at me quizzingly, and is all "Is your name Cassy?" and I'm like "Yes, yes it is!" and she was all "Yeah, I met you once outside of Temple, with your friend." See? If you have pink hair, people recognize you. :)


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