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Sunday, July 23, 2006


So, the thing that sucks about Seattle, is that normally it's so cool here that no one sees any need to buy A/C, really it would be a waste, one would use it but only 5 or 7 days a year. It's hardly worth the investment... usually. But then it gets up to 90 one day, and one just sizzles in ones own sweat. Ick... not sexy at all.

So, yesterday, it was crazy hot also, and Liz invited me over to go swimming at the pool at her apartment complex. It was really nice, we went out to the pool and kind of laid out in the sun for awhile (with PLENTY of sunscreen mind you! Remember, Pale is the new Tan!) then got into the pool. By the time the sun had gone down it cooled off nicely outside, and we later went to the hot tub, which was great, but then I'm the skinny bitch with no fat, and I like to be warm (not hot, like things are right now in my apartment, but warm).

Also, she lent me some swimwear to use, but none of it really fit me, what can I say? I'm a skinny bitch, we already know this. So, today I went by Fred Meyer's and bought some swimwear of my own, which will be known to fit. They were very cheap, just $7.99 a piece, and I got three pieces. One is a bikini bottom, but it has a cute little skirt around it, making it like a swimming sub-miniskirt, it's really cute. And the other two are two different tops. One is a plain bikini top which is great for "omg, I'm going to die in my apartment if I don't expose more skin," and the other is a cute top that's much more modest, which is important when one's breasts are breast forms, and not actually attached to one's body. Honestly, they really don't fit well.

I also went to the company picnic yesterday, which was unbearable because it was so hot. I was wearing only a tank top, and a jean miniskirt, and I sweeting so bad, and this doubly sucks for me, because while most women have to deal with breast sweat accumulating on the underside of their breasts, I unfortunately have to deal with breast sweat occuring underneath the entirety of my breast area. And then later in the car driving home, I took out my breast forms to wipe up the sweat (ick), and when I put them back on they were like 100 degrees hot or something, it was entirely uncomfortable.

I prefer Seattle in the cool weather, with the nice rain and the mists. I don't like this unbearable heat that presses upon you with a pressure so immense that you feel that you're ready to explode in a sudden burst of sweat like a water balloon.

Anyways, I shall be attempting to sleep now, if I can cool down enough to be comfortable enough to. *sigh* I need a boyfriend with A/C, so I can just go over to his place. *giggles* Eh... I should admit it to myself that my future boyfriend won't solve all my problems... of course, it's still nice to dream :)


  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger Kristen said…

    I hate humidity more than I hate heat, but I do hate heat. Humidity just makes it worse.


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