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Monday, November 27, 2006


So, this has been pretty much a zombie log so far, but I'll promise to actually post stuff, now.

Speaking of which: wow, snow in Seattle. Everyone is driving like 10 miles an hour, and roads that I've never seen backed up, are totally backed up. It's totally nuts.

Let's all say "YAY!" for passports! I just got my new passport today. Which is fortunate, because I'm traveling to Europe in December, and I was worried that I might not get my passport back in time.

I got a packet in the mail today regarding them turning my apartment into condos. *sigh* They expect over $200k for my 465 sq ft. apartment (funny, when I rented it, they told me that it was 414 sq ft...) Doing some short checking on mortgages, I would end up paying more than $1,200 per month just for the mortgage. All this so, like, what? I can't knock out any walls, I can't ADD a room... oh wait, I get to paint the walls anything that I want! Ok, so, now I would own 465 sq ft of "real" estate in downtown Bellevue that is actually located on the 3rd story, and about the 5th level if you count the two parking levels underneath (which are actually at ground level on one side.) So, not only do I own a tiny piece of property, but it's not even actually real property, it's just a piece of floor hovering above the earth. I'm sorry, this just doesn't make sense. I was already paying too much money here in the first place, and I really don't want to pay another $400 just to cover the mortgage, because I know that the dues are going to cost me a few hundred per month also.

Let's do some math. I have a friend, who lives in Bothell. If I were to move in with her, and pay half of the rent, it would be about $500 a month, but I would have to commute about 20~40 minutes everyday both ways. Ok, so, yes, gas is expensive, but... um... is it so expensive that it would excede $700? Let's assume the worst case possible, that gas gets up to $5/gallon. I would be able to afford some 140 gallons with that saved $700, and at let's say 15 mpg (just to give nice round worst case examples) That's 2100 miles, google maps says that it's just 1,774 miles from Albuquerque to Seattle. Basically, that says that I would have to drive to ALBUQUERQUE and BACK once a month in order to use up enough gas to make this situation worse. Google maps also says that it's about 10 miles from about where I work to about where I would live. I'd have to drive back and forth about 105 times a month to use up that much gas!

So, yes, I would be happy to move in with my friend, then both she and I can save money, and not pay retarded amounts of money just to live.


  • At 11:26 PM, Blogger Liz said…

    Yay for not paying retarded amounts of money just to LIVE!

  • At 11:26 PM, Blogger Liz said…

    p.s...darling, you really need to post more often.


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